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Hiiiiii guys i'm Sydney!!!


I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in UT!   I got married to my BEST friend Trevin in 2016 and we are currently raising our cutest puppy Zara!  We are what you call those crazy obsessed dog parents!  I was born and raised in Utah and I just can't get enough of this place!  


Besides the obvious fact that I am crazy passionate about photography, there are so many other things I love! Spending time with my family and the ones I love is definitely at the top of my list!  I love being outdoors, hiking, boating, and just going on adventures.  Another thing I am very passionate about is dance,  I've loved dance since I was just a little girl and it will always have a special place in my heart!


I've also got a couple crazy obsessions.... the first one being puppies as I already said before!  I also LOVE mac and cheese, it's my all time favorite food and I'd say I eat it about 4-5 times a week!  The last thing is Shark Week!!! I go all out every year and make everyone watch it with me!! 


So... If you are crazy dog obsessed, or a mac and cheese lover, or a Shark Week maniac LETS BE BFFS!! & you can let me take your pics and stuff plssss!!!


Sydney Jane



Thanks! Message sent.

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